Michael R. Maxwell, Ph.D.
Professor in the Colleges of Letters and Sciences

Dr. Maxwell

Mike Maxwell teaches general biology, ecology, zoology, and animal behavior at NU. He received a PhD in Animal Behavior from UC Davis, and conducted postdoctoral research on marine biology in Woods Hole (Massachusetts) and at National Marine Fisheries in La Jolla. His current research investigates the genetics and ecology of mating behavior in praying mantises. His work has been featured on Animal Planet and PBS.

Mike's TLF project develops an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to teaching science – “biology through art.” This approach engages and enriches students in biology courses by replacing pencil and lecture slides with paintbrush and canvas. For AY 2020, his goal is to assess student performance on assignments that focus on art-enhanced and non-enhanced topics in majors and non-majors courses.