Nelson Altamirano, Ph.D.
Professor in the Colleges of Professional Studies

Dr. Altamirano

Nelson Altamirano received his BA in Economics from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and graduate degrees from UCSD (MA in International Relations, MS in Economics and Ph.D. in International Economic Policies and Management). He joined National University in 2008, is Professor of economics and academic program director of the BBA program. Nelson has taught in universities of Japan, Colombia, Peru and the U.S. His current research interests are on technological transfer, world aircraft industry and innovations on the teaching of economics and quantitative subjects. He has published on mining and oil firms in Latin America, Brazilian aircraft industry and the teaching of economics with games.

Nelson’s research will be to identify the quantitative management knowledge employers expect from BBA graduates. The information gained from advisory representatives, the 5-year program review, and student feedback will inform the focus and integrations of industry skills. The expected outcomes are significant improvements of knowledge, retention at general and discipline levels across the BBA exit exam, and two research papers.