William Hyder, M.B.A.
Adjunct Faculty in Leadership and Human Resources Management

William Hyder, M.B.A.

William Hyder received his MBA from National University in 2015 and is currently a doctoral candidate through City University of Seattle’s Doctor of Business Administration program. William’s research centers on the teaching, social, and cognitive presences in online education and how they impact student satisfaction and retention.

His passion for teaching originated in the military where he served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years as a Navy diver. Spending eight years of his career as a high-risk training instructor, William developed and executed highly effective training protocols to ensure students operated in a safe manner while achieving competency in a variety of complex training evolutions.

William came to National University seven years ago to serve as the General Manager for the National University Polytechnic Institute. In addition, he works with the College of Professional Studies as a Professor of Organizational Leadership.

His proposal for the Teaching and Learning Fellows FY2020 cohort will focus on the development of a predictive model for online student satisfaction through the evaluation of survey data assessing students’ perceptions of the presence of teaching, social, and cognitive elements.