Assessment is the systematic process of gathering information from many sources to make appropriate educational decisions.


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pdf-icon.png  1. Creating an Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  2. Accessing Assignments for Grading Job Aid (PDF)

video-icon.png  3. New Box Service (Video)

video-icon.png  4. Creating a Wiki Assignment Video Aid (Video)

pdf-icon.png  5. Managing and Grading a Wiki Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  6. Creating a Blog Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  7. Managing and Grading a Blog Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  8. Creating a Journal Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  9. Managing and Grading a Journal Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  10. Creating Group Assignments Job Aid (PDF)


Grade Center

story-icon.png  1. Grade Center Interface Tutorial (Storyline)

story-icon.png  2. Grade Center Review Module (Storyline)

video-icon.png  3. Grade Center Students Hidden (Video)

video-icon.png  4 . Grade Center How to See Full Grade Center (Video)

video-icon.png  5 . Grade Center Too Many Columns (Video)

video-icon.png  6 . Grade Center Organizing Columns (Video)

video-icon.png  7 . Grade Center Weighted Columns (Video)

video-icon.png  8 . Grade Center Total Points Not Correct (Video)

video-icon.png  9 . Grade Center Needs Grading (Video)

video-icon.png  10 . Grade Center Create Grading Periods (Video)

video-icon.png  11 . Grade Center Collaborate Integration (Video)

video-icon.png  12 . Grade Center Exporting and Importing Tests (Video)

video-icon.png  13 . Grade Center Hide Column from Students (Video)

video-icon.png  14 . Grade Center Color Codes (Video)

video-icon.png  15 . Creating Smart Views (Video)

video-icon.png  16 . Deleting Smart Views (Video)

video-icon.png  17 . Override Student’s Grade (Video)

video-icon.png  18 . Exempt Student’s Grade (Video)

video-icon.png  19 . Email Students from the Grade Center (Video)

video-icon.png  20 . Grade Center Work Offline (Video)

video-icon.png  21 . Hide Grades from Students (Video)

video-icon.png  22 . Grade Center Adding a Letter Grade (Video)

video-icon.png  23 . Grade Center Clearing Student Attempts (Video)

video-icon.png  24 . Grade Center Due Dates (Video)

video-icon.png  25 . Grade Center Filter (Video)

video-icon.png  26 . Grade Center Icons (Video)

video-icon.png  27 . Grade Center Student Statistics (Video)

pdf-icon.png  28. Grade Center Interface and Action Bar Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  29. Grade Center Column Organization Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  30. Utilizing Needs Grading Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  31. Creating Weighted Columns Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  32. Grading Periods Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  33. Smart Views Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  34. Grading with a Rubric Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  35. Clear Attempts Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png 36. Exempt a Grade Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  36. Adding a Letter Grade to a Column in the GradeCenter Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  37. Grade Center Integration for a CollaborateSession Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  38. Grade Center Review Module (Storyline)


Peer and Self-Assessments

video-icon.png  1 . Creating Peer and Self Assessments (Video)

video-icon.png  2. Grading Peer and Self Assessments (Video)

pdf-icon.png  3. Grade Center Integration for a CollaborateSession Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  4. Grading Self and Peer Assessment Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  5. Using Peer Assessment (Storyline)



pdf-icon.png  1. Creating and Adding Rubric Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  2. Grading with a Rubric Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  3. Using Rubrics (Storyline)


    Tests, Surveys & Pools

    story-icon.png  1. Creating and Deploying Tests Tutorial (Storyline)

    pdf-icon.png  2. Creating and Deploying Tests Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  3. Editing a Test Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  4. Extending Student Time on a Test Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  5. Creating Questions Pool Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  6. Test Attempt Statistics Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  7. Test and Survey Options Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  8. Using a Question Pool Create a Test Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  9. Import a Test From a Past Course to a Current Course Job Aid (PDF)

    pdf-icon.png  10. Creating a Survey in Blackboard Job Aid (PDF)