Engagement Tools
Finding new ways to engage students in the classroom has always been a challenge, these tools can help.


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Engagement Tools

pdf-icon.png  4.1 Discussion Board, Wiki, Blog, Peer Assessment



pdf-icon.png  1. Creating a Blog Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  2. Managing and Grading a Blog Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  3. Using Blogs (Storyline)


Collaborate Ultra

story-icon.png  1. Using Synchronous Facilitation Strategies (Storyline)

pdf-icon.png  2. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra—Preparing for Your Session Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  3. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra—Moderating the Session Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  4. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra—Sharing Content Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  5. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra-Sharing Your Screen Using 1 Monitor (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  6. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra-- Moderating Breakout Groups Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  7. For Students: Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Job Aid (PDF)

video-icon.png  8. Ultra Video Aid: Ultra Interface Guide (Video)

video-icon.png  9. Ultra Video Aid: Using the Whiteboard (Video)

video-icon.png  10. Ultra Video Aid: Configuring Ultra Settings (Video)

video-icon.png  11. Ultra Video Aid: Sharing Files During a Session (Video)

video-icon.png  12. Ultra Video Aid: Sharing Your Screen (Video)

video-icon.png  13. Using Polling in Ultra Video Aid (Video)

video-icon.png  14.  Video Aid: Using Groups in Ultra (Video)

video-icon.png  15. Ultra Video Aid: Sharing a Brief Video (Video)

video-icon.png  16. Student Video Aid: Ultra Interface & Settings Guide (Video)

video-icon.png  17. Student Video Aid: Using Breakout Groups in Ultra (Video)

video-icon.png  18. Ultra Workshop Recording - August 23, 2018 (Video)

pdf-icon.png  19. Ultra: Ways Students Give Feedback (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  20. Ultra: Activating Mic Or Calling In (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  21. Ultra: Engagement Tools (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  22. Ultra: Tool Use Grid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  23. Ultra: Synchronous Facilitation Do's and Dont's (PDF)

ppt-icon.png  24. Ultra Session Prep Kit (Powerpoint)

ppt-icon.png  25.Ultra Quiz Polling Template (Powerpoint)

word-icon.png  26. Ultra Lesson Plan Sample (Word Document)


Discussion Board

story-icon.png  1. Discussion Board Tutorial (Storyline)

video-icon.png  2. Discussion Board Webcast (Video)

pdf-icon.png  3. Creating and Linking Discussion Boards Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  4. Scheduling Discussion Boards Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  5. Locating the Threaded Discussion Rubric Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  6.  Participating in Discussion Forums Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  7. Grading Discussion Forums Job Aid (PDF)



pdf-icon.png  1. Creating Groups in Blackboard Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  2.  Creating Group Assignments Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  3. Grading a Group Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  4. Peer Assessment for Groups Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  5. Using Groups (Storyline)




pdf-icon.png  1.  Creating a Journal Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  2. Managing and Grading a Journal Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  3. Using Journals (Storyline)


Peer and Self-Assessments

video-icon.png  1. Creating Peer & Self Assessments (Video)

video-icon.png  2. Grading Peer and Self Assessments (Video)

pdf-icon.png  3. Creating Self and Peer Assessment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  4. Grading Self and Peer Assessment Job Aid (PDF)

pdf-icon.png  5. Peer Assessment for Groups Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  6. Using Peer Assessment (Storyline)

story-icon.png  7. Grading Peer Assessment (Storyline)



pdf-icon.png  1. Setting Up Wikis Job Aid (PDF)

video-icon.png  2  Creating a Wiki Assignment (Video)

pdf-icon.png  3. Managing and Grading a Wiki Assignment Job Aid (PDF)

story-icon.png  4. Using Wikis (Storyline)