Creating Groups in Blackboard Job Aid  

This job aid will provide faculty with an overview of how to create groups within the Blackboard classroom and how to create specific Discussion Forums for each group.


Creating Group Assignments Job Aid  

Provide faculty with the steps associated with creating Group Assignments in Blackboard.


Grading a Group Assignment Job Aid  

This job aid provides instructions on grading a group assignment. When you assign a group assignment, you will only have one assignment turned in for the entire group. As a default, the grade you give to the submitted attempt will be the recorded grade for all students in that group.


Peer Assessment for Groups Job Aid  

Provide the steps associated with creating a peer assessment of each individual group member’s contribution to their group. A peer assessment is one way for students to evaluate each other on various categories related to working together on a group project.


Using Groups

This video module will describe the benefits of using groups, how to create groups, best practices for monitoring groups, and the process of grading groups.