Faculty Video Presentation
A video presentation from a faculty member in the College of Letters and Sciences

Frank Montesonti is an Associate Professor in the College of Letters and Sciences.

Professor Montesonti recently participated in a faculty development course, which was part of an Innovation Grant for Online Teaching Professional Development.

The course presents strategies for engaging students in an online course using the Trifecta of Engagement framework. This framework is based on the assumption that students have an exceptional experience when they are engaged with: 1) their course curriculum content, 2) their peers, and 3) their instructor. 

Faculty who participate in the professional development course do a final project where they apply the Trifecta of Engagement to a real course they teach and report the results in a way that can be disseminated to all NU faculty.

For his final project, Professor Montesonti created an introductory video to orient students to his course, humanize himself to his students, allow them a different modality (video) to engage with content, and show more of his instructor presence in his online course by showing his face and voice. 

Here is his Intro Video

He created this video using Kaltura video software, which all faculty have access to. 

In addition, for his advanced poetry workshop, Professor Montesonti had his students do a collaborative poem to encourage student-to-student engagement. He used the wiki tool in Blackboard to create this collaborative activity. He used the wiki space to engage with his students, allowing for more student-to-instructor interaction. Additionally, he used Kaltura to record himself making comments on students' assignments, which allows for greater student-to-instructor engagement in a different modality (verbal) rather than the typical written feedback/grades. This humanized himself more to his students- which is essential in an online course. Online courses can feel isolating if there is not a lot of interaction, especially authentic interaction among students and with their professor.

Frank showcased all this in a video presentation that he created using Kaltura. If you are interested in seeing exactly what he did via a screen capture course tour, you can watch Frank Montesonti's Video Presentation.