Faculty Webinar Recordings
Recordings from past webinars for faculty

video-icon.png Problem-Based Learning Webinar with Dr. Ana Maria Barral

video-icon.png Retention Center Webinar with Dr. Ken Goldberg 

video-icon.png Flipped Learning Webinar with Dr. Rachel Simmons

video-icon.png Copyright Fundamentals in Higher Education by Tim Gladson

video-icon.png Student-to-Instructor Engagement Webinar by Dr. Michelle Browning

video-icon.png Student-to-Student Engagement Webinar by Dr. Patricia Dickenson

video-icon.png  Open Education Resources (OER): Supporting Access, Affordability, Quality and Completion by Dr. Marie Cini

video-icon.png Adding Your Instructor Presence to an Online Course by Dr. Joseph Allen

video-icon.png   Gamifying an Online Course presented by Dr. Han Nee Chong

video-icon.png   Teaching Asynchronous Courses Webinar presented by Drs. Nelson Altaminaro and Heather Leslie

video-icon.png   First Impressions Matter: Creating Quality Intro Videos to Engage Students Online presented by Sylvia Suh, PhD

video-icon.png   Exploring the Trifecta of Engagement: Lessons Learned from a Capstone Course presented by Jodi Reeves, PhD

video-icon.png   Building Relationships with Students with Allan Roth, M.A.

video-icon.png   Presenting versus Facilitating presented by Joanne Gilbreath, Ed.D.

video-icon.png   Encouraging Active Student Participation by Patricia Dickenson, Ed.D.

video-icon.png   Applying the Trifecta of Engagement Part 1 with Heather Leslie

video-icon.png   Applying the Trifecta of Engagement Part 2 with Heather Leslie

video-icon.png   Humanizing the Online Course presented by Chris Friend, PhD

video-icon.png   Increasing Student Engagement Using Personalized Learning presented by Brian Morgan, M.S.

video-icon.png   Increasing Student Engagement Using Advanced Assessment Strategies presented by Rena Palloff, PhD

video-icon.png   Creating an Online Collaborative Community presented by Bonni Stachowiak, Ed.D.